Tailor Made System


What is a Tailor Made System?

Tailor Made System is a service that is made based on business processes and company needs. Therefore, the procurement of Information Systems by making a Tailor-made System provides more benefits when compared to buying Package Software.

This is one of the special services that we can provide for you, where we will make a special application according to the wishes and needs of your company. After the application is finished, it is you who will use and manage the application completely. Like a Tailor, it’s our job to make it for you. After that, the product is completely in your hands

6 benefits of using a Tailor Made System

Easy to apply and use

With the company's approach and business adjustments specifically in application development, making the applications that have been made later is easy to implement and use because the applications are made specifically to follow what is needed by the company. Applications made with the Tailor Made System are easily accepted by users later. The rejection of application users will be minimal, understanding and use of applications by users can be done quickly.

No usage limit

Tailor Made System is made specifically based on the needs of the company. So, there will be no more limitations that are usually found in applications in general. You are the one who can determine the boundaries that are needed.

Well Integrated

Software architecture standards are something that is important for companies to pay attention to so that all applications in the company can be well integrated so that these applications can communicate with each other and share data. We'll help integrate it all.

You control the software development.

With custom software, you are involved in the development process from start to finish, ensuring the end result aligns with your company needs. You know your business better than anyone. You need software that works with your priorities. Custom software development creates software that does just that.

Good Scalability

Tailor Made System allows companies to have application designs that are ready to anticipate the company's needs in the next few years.

More Optimal Investment

Because the company's approach and business adjustments specifically make the processes in the application 100% in accordance with the company's business processes. Thus, your company's investment in developing a business in making applications will be more optimal than you buying an application which usually only uses around 30% - 60% because not all features are in accordance with what is needed in the company's business processes.

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